ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative Contact Group Regional Workshop

The “ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative” project was officially launched at the last Meeting of the Parties to ACCOBAMS (Monaco, 22-25 November 2016). The ACCOBAMS Secretariat is in charge of the implementation of the ASI, in close collaboration with each ACCOBAMS National Focal Point and appointed ASI Contact Group members. Since the beginning of 2017, the ACCOBAMS Secretariat has been in contact with all ASI Contact Group Members regarding the implementation of the “ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative” project, in particular for collecting information on the authorization requests processes for aerial and/or boat survey to be conducted during the summer 2018, and for confirming national contributions to the project.

In continuation to this consultation process and as a key element of the implementation of the ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative, the ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat, in collaboration with the Regional Activity Center for Specially Protected Areas (SPA / RAC), is organizing a Regional Workshop dedicated to the implementation of the ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative, from the 3rd to the 5th of October 2017, in Tunis.

This event will provide a unique opportunity for all ASI partners to work together on the preparation and implementation of the survey in 2018.

In view of facilitating the implementation of the ASI around the Mediterranean, this ASI Contact Group Regional Workshop is aimed at reviewing several key aspects:

– technical and scientific aspects of the survey (scientific protocols, survey design, observation platforms, teams composition and responsibilities, survey period, available means, etc.) ;

– administrative procedure and permits authorizations;

– examination of the modalities of implementation of the existing contributions (in kind or cash);

– capacity-building needs, incl. small equipment availability and needs;

– bilateral or multilateral cooperation modalities for specific areas (i.e. Alborán Sea, Adriatic Sea, etc.)