ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative – Observer position available on the Song of the Whale research vessel

The ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative  survey campaign is ongoing since June with aircrafts and boats surveying the different regions of the Mediterranean!

As part of this effort, the ACCOBAMS Secretariat collaborates with Marine Conservation Research for a visual and acoustic survey of the Western Mediterranean Sea:

There is an observer position available on the Song of the Whale for the leg between Monaco (embarkment on 19 July) and Syracuse (disembarkment on 11th August). This is not a paid position but all expenses are covered on board of the boat (including travel from/to the vessel) and the observers receive a daily allowance. No need to be experienced, this is an opportunity to gain experience in visual and acoustic cetaceans survey!

Interested participants are invited to contact Julie Belmont ( and Celia Le Ravallec ( before Friday 13th July.

First come, first served!