ACCOBAMS Workshops at the 32nd ECS Conference

ACCOBAMS will organise and co-organise 2 workshops during the upcoming 32nd ECS Conference (6-10 April 2018, La Spezia, Italy).

April 6th 2018:

Joint ACCOBAMS, ASCOBANS, UNEP/MAP/RAC-SPA Workshop on marine debris and cetacean stranding
To further develop effective cooperation with the ongoing regional initiatives on marine debris, including ghost nets, and to assess the impact of plastic materials on cetaceans.

April 7th 2018:

Towards understanding the overlap of selected threats and Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs) across the Mediterranean Sea


  • Update the preliminary assessment of perceived expert conservation concern for marine mammals within the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Collect additional area-explicit information and understanding of pressures exerted on marine mammals by shipping and seismic surveys.
  • Map overlaps between IMMAs and shipping and seismic surveys using the available information.

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