Dear Contributor,

a complete database of individuals, research groups and projects and whale-watching activities, represents a priceless tool for ACCOBAMS to stimulate:
  • new partnerships within the ACCOBAMS area
  • new synergistic research activities and
  • sharing of information between groups and individuals
As contributors, you will be able to:
  • edit your profile at any time. You will be reminded to update your details once per year, prompted by a request from the ACCOBAMS Secretariat
  • become automatically subscribed to Fins (the ACCOBAMS Newsletter), and get the chance to make public your major achievements by contributing with popular articles
  • become automatically included in the official ACCOBAMS mailing list and be able to receive, for example real-time notice on:
    • new scientific and educational material available on the ACCOBAMS site;
    • workshops, meetings and training courses on marine conservation topics, organised by ACCOBAMS or by other organisations;
    • special events.
  • be included into the official ACCOBAMS directory of institutions, organisations and scientists, which is available online and forwarded annually to all ACCOBAMS National Focal Points
  • include a link to your name in the "database contributors' link section" of the ACCOBAMS website.

Your contribution is valued and appreciated.