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In recent years the ACCOBAMS area has been the scene of major cetacean mortality events, involving mass strandings over wide geographical areas, which have evoked great concern and have attracted considerable attention from the scientific community.
In order to address new outbreaks of mortality events related to chemical, acoustic and biological pollution, as well as related to infectious agents and harmful algal blooms, affecting cetacean populations or their critical habitats, the ACCOBAMS Parties have decided to create a task force for marine mammal mortality and special events, made up of international experts.
Cetacean strandings create an important opportunity for the gathering of much needed knowledge on natural and human-induced mortality of cetacean populations, and provide an available source for precious additional information, among other things, on the biology, pathology, toxicology and population genetics of the concerned species. Stranding networks exist in the Agreement area, each of them having various degrees of the extent of their spatial and temporal coverage, efficiency, and institutional involvement.
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