ACCOBAMS Call for Proposal

In accordance with the provisions of Article IX paragraph 3 of the Agreement, Parties to ACCOBAMS established in 2004 the Supplementary Conservation Fund (SCF) from voluntary contributions or from any other source in order to increase the funds available for monitoring, research, training and projects relating to the conservation of cetaceans.

Selection of projects to be funded under the SCF are made through calls for proposals. Projects submitted by entities from low and middle income countries can receive a maximum grant of 15.000 €.


The goals and objectives of the SCF are:

To catalyze the development and implementation of concerted or cooperative actions that should contribute to the implementation of the Agreement;
To support applied conservation projects;
To provide seed money to initiate long-term projects;
To stimulate dialogue and cooperation at the local and regional level;
To assist in development of capacities;
To raise awareness of the conservation and management needs of cetaceans and their habitats.


In 2011 and 2012 the calls for proposals have already supported seven projects for studying cetacean populations, developing photo-identification activities and strengthening stranding networks (link to the projects’ final reports).

Three new projects addressing issues related to cetaceans distribution and abundance were selected in the framework of the 2016 Call for proposals.

“Increase the regional capacity for developing cetacean distribution and abundance studies in the Black Sea” led by the NGO Mare Nostrum

“Tunisian Dolphin Project : population size and habitat use for bottlenose and common dolphins” led by the Association Nationale du Développement Durable et de la Conservation de la Vie Sauvage

“Identification and initial assessment of cetacean groupings in coastal waters of the north-western Black Sea, Ukrainian sector” led by the Ukrainian Scientific Center of Ecology of the Sea