ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative

The “ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative” (ASI) is a pilot initiative aimed at establishing an integrated and coordinated monitoring system for cetaceans throughout the Agreement area. This initiative is conducted in coordination with riparian countries and in line with their commitments related to the implementation of European and regional policies, in particular the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD, EU) and the Ecosystem Approach process (EcAp, UNEP/MAP).

The “ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative” project is developed to ensure that public and private stakeholders in the ACCOBAMS region have a coherent monitoring system for cetacean species, based on objective, robust and comparable data. The final goal is to improve the conservation status of these species and their habitats through an appropriate management fostering a good status of the marine and coastal environments.


Thanks to the support of the MAVA Foundation and the contribution of riparian countries, a synoptic survey will be carried out during the summer months across the Agreement area. It will combine visual survey methods (aerial surveys) and passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) with the participation of local scientists of the area. Data will be also collected for marine turtles and seabirds.