Biennial Conferences

Conferences for the conservation of cetaceans in the in the South Mediterranean Countries (CSMC) are organised in order to regularly assess the knowledge acquired on cetaceans in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean areas, identify potential gaps, exchange scientific information and stimulate the development of conservation actions and data collection in order to promote the implementation of the ACCOBAMS Agreement.


These conferences provide an opportunity for scientists and other cetacean specialists, active in these   Mediterranean regions, to exchange their experience and data and to discuss the best approaches and priority actions for a better knowledge on cetacean populations in this region where information about cetaceans still remains sporadic and scarce.


Three CSMCs were already organized with the support of the Principality of Monaco and in cooperation with the Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (UNEP-MAP-RAC/SPA).



Tunisia, 2009
  • Status, distribution and conservation of cetaceans
  • Interactions between cetaceans and human activities
  • Cetaceans’ strandings

in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture
& Maritime Fisheries of Morocco

Morocco, 2011
  • Interactions between cetaceans and human activities
  • Monitoring of populations
  • Pollution and other nuisances

in collaboration with the National Centre for Marine Sciences  (CNRS)
& the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation

Lebanon, 2014
  • Interactions between cetaceans and human activities
  • Monitoring of populations and stranding
  • Critical habitats for cetaceans
  • Conservation plans for cetacean species
  • Networking and exchange of information
  • Photo-identification of cetacean species

 The next Conference will be held in Algeria in 2017. More information will follow in due time!