The ACCOBAMS Agreement Bodies have developed numerous collaborations over the years with other Agreements and Organisations.

AscobansLogo2ASCOBANS: Agreement on the Conservation of Small Cetaceans of the Baltic, North East Atlantic, Irish and North Seas
BSCBSC: Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution
logo_cbd_4594_1CBD: Convention on Biological Diversity
cms_logo_blue_300dpiCMS: Convention on Migratory Species
FA2Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco
gfcm_logoGFCM: General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean
logo INRHINRH: Institut National de Recherche Halieutique
INSTMINSTM: Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer
IWCIWC: International Whaling Commission
LRSELRSE: Le Réseau de Surveillance Environnementale
cnrsNational Council for Scientific Research
UNEPMAPUNEP/MAP: United Nations Environmental Programme – Mediterranean Action Plan (including MED POL Programme)
PELAGOS logoPelagos Sanctuary Agreement
RAC-SPARAC/SPA: Regional Activity Center for Specially Protected Areas
REMPECREMPEC: Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea