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Official Reports

Reports of the Meetings of the Parties

Rules of  ProceduresPDF download Accobams
MOP1Monaco, February 2002PDF download Accobams
MOP2Spain, November 2004PDF download Accobams
MOP3Croatia, October 2007PDF download Accobams
MOP4Monaco, November 2010PDF download Accobams
MOP5Morocco, November 2013PDF download Accobams
MOP6Monaco, November 2016PDF download Accobams


Reports of the Bureau                    Reports of the Scientific Committee
Rules of ProceduresPDF download Accobams Rules of ProceduresPDF download Accobams
BU1Monaco, March 2003PDF download Accobams SC1Tunisia, October 2002PDF download Accobams
BU2Spain, November 2004PDF download Accobams SC2Turkey, November 2003PDF download Accobams
BU3Monaco, December 2005PDF download Accobams SC3Egypt, May 2005PDF download Accobams
BU4Croatia, June 2007PDF download Accobams SC4Monaco, November 2006PDF download Accobams
BU5Monaco, December 2008PDF download Accobams SC5Italy, April 2008PDF download Accobams
BU6Monaco, February 2010PDF download Accobams SC6Morocco, January 2010PDF download Accobams
BU7Monaco, December 2011PDF download Accobams SC7Monaco, March 2011PDF download Accobams
BU8Monaco, December 2012PDF download Accobams SC8Monaco, November 2012PDF download Accobams
BU9France, December 2014PDF download Accobams SC9Monaco, April 2014PDF download Accobams
BU10Morocco, November 2015PDF download Accobams SC10France, October 2015PDF download Accobams
    SC11Monaco, February 2017PDF download Accobams