GFCM Fish Forum

10-14 December 2018FAO headquarters, Rome, Italy

Bringing together the wider community of scientists and experts working on fisheries and the marine environment in the Mediterranean and Black Sea in order to build a lasting network, discuss advancements in research, integrate scientific knowledge in support of decision-making and identify research priorities for the coming decade.

Draft Programme

Call for proposals – Feasibility study and experimentation on the use of drones for Cetaceans monitoring in the ACCOBAMS Area

The ACCOBAMS Secretariat is launching a call for proposals, within the framework of the ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative (ASI) project, in order to conduct a feasibility study on the potential of using drones for collecting data on cetacean distribution and abundance in the ACCOBAMS Agreement Area and to conduct a pilot demonstration activity at small scale.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 13 May 2018.

Call for Proposal: Monitoring with drones