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Although we know that anthropogenic sound in the ocean is a serious threat, we do not have sufficient information at this time to understand the full extent of the problem. One of the biggest challenges faced in regulating the effects of noise is our ignorance of the characteristics and levels of sound exposures that may pose risks to marine mammals. Given the current state of our knowledge we must therefore take a precautionary approach in the regulation of noise. 
Thanks to the collaboration of Ocean care and NRDC, a peer review on the impact of ocean noise pollution was submitted to the United Nation Division for ocean Affairs and the law of the Sea (DOALOS), pursuant to paragraph 107 of Resolution 61/222 (2009) inviting Members States and Intergovernmental Organisations to submit appropriate peer-review articles on the ocean noise issue for DOALOS website.
Following the adoption by the 4th Meeting of the Parties of the Resolution 4.17 on “Guidelines to address the impact of anthropogenic noise on cetaceans in the ACCOBAMS area”, a Working Group was established that will focus on the mitigation of the noise impact issues.

The composition of the Working Group on anthropogenic noise can be found here.

The Terms of Reference for the Working Group can be found here.

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New documents:

  • Joint CMS,ASCOBANS and ACCOBAMS Noise Working group Statement of Concern on past and proposed offshore exploration activities in the Adriatic Sea (english only)
  •  Anthropogenic noise and marine mammals: review of the effort in addressing the impact of anthropogenic underwater noise in the ACCOBAMS and ASCOBANS areas (english, french)
  • Implementation of underwater noise mitigation measures by industries : Operational and economical constraints (english, french)
  • Methodological Guide: “Guidance on underwater noise mitigation measures” (english, french)


Please check the Marine Science Review from the SeaWeb from August 23rd, 2012.

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